Before thinking of a psychiatric disorder neurological examination may reveal something deeper organic origin like altered Sexual Behavior Changes in adult sexual behavior may be associated with emerging medical conditions.

Many of these changes represent variations in the individual’s usual level of desire or adequacy of sexual performance; these are discussed in the section called vegetative symptoms.

The new emergence of perversions, intense hypersexuality, or sexual disinhibition for example; masturbation in public or exhibitionism in social situations represents a more fundamental type of change in sexual behavior; these changes may be caused by underlying neurological conditions.

Dramatic hypersexuality also may be part of Kluver-Bucy syndrome, a rare constellation of unusual behaviors that results from damage to both temporal lobes of the brain.

In addition to exhibiting hypersexuality, patients with this syndrome compulsively explore their environment, touching multiple objects and putting them in their mouths. They also have visual agnosia and they are unable to recognize objects by visual inspection.


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