SCARY NEUROBIOLOGY……fear paralyzes

A team of neuroscientists has discovered a neural pathway underlying emotional behaviors critical for survival.


New research has identified a chain of neural connections linking core circuit survival to the spinal cord, causing the body to experience fear paralyze.



An important brain region, the periaqueductal gray, is responsible for how humans and animals respond to danger.



This substance, which surrounds the cerebral aqueduct in the midbrain, can trigger responses such as the suspension, a high heart rate, increased blood pressure or desire to flee or fight.

Research has found a brain pathway that extends from the periaqueductal gray in a very localized portion of the cerebellum, called pyramis, and demonstrated that lapyramis is involved in generating the behavior of stoppage when the core networks of survival are activated, innate or learned to threatening situations.


There is a growing consensus that understanding the neural circuits underlying fear behavior is fundamental to the development of effective treatments for those behavioral changes associated with emotional disorders, such as anxiety, panic or phobias step.


The authors conclude that the cerebellum is a promising target for future therapeutic strategies to manage the deregulation of own emotional states of panic disorders and phobias



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